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Scrum Masters Inc is a Software Project training and optimization firm located in Toronto. We service all of Canada and the US Northeast. We work with banks, insurance companies, on-line retailers, government agencies and multinational corporations by providing training, consulting and skills transfer so they can build better software. Scrum Masters Inc also provide Software Project Management services to reduce risk and improve outcomes of projects quickly.

Clients come to Scrum Masters Inc because they have software projects that are over budget, not delivering on business value quickly or are missing deadlines or suffer from poor quality. Our services are designed to assess the area of improvement that will deliver the highest ROI and create an improvement roadmap.


What We Do

As a software development process improvement firm, we work with companies, organizations and government agencies to help them adopt an iterative software development approach.The result of which is faster time to market, lower cost and better predictability.

We do this with three types of service offerings; consulting, to connect the SDLC to prioritized business goals, PMI sponsored training, that provides the organization with a professional and comprehensive set of training services, and coaching, which helps embed the methodologies and skills learned through training into the organizational culture.

This approach to iterative software development implementation results in 30% to 40% improvement.

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Client Comments

" I've worked with Agile in the past, but after this training I can see what was missing and why it was not successfully applied"
John Deo
"Having an onsite coach who knows what developers are going through and knows how they think ...really helped reinforce the messaging of agile methodology and helped people get on board with what we were trying to do here"
Dave Mclean

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